Welcome to your new website

Congratulations! You've decided to buy an inCMS website. We, the team at SwissMadeMarketing, want to thank you very much for this decision - we're certain you won't regret the investment. Our greatest goal is to help you build a successful website! Please make use of the training videos and tools we've provided to help you get to know inCMS better and take advantage of the knowledge of many experienced webmasters who'll be happy to give you advice on how you can best build your site. 

Start building right away!

If we've learned one thing, it's this: If you have an idea and you know what you want to achieve, you shouldn't lose any time - start working towards that goal right away! Even if you don't know how to solve all the details yet - get started! Browse around inCMS, view the tutorials and take a closer look at the example projects of other users. The most important thing is to turn your idea into action. With inCMS you've got everything you need to build an awesome website - make use of it!

The SwissMadeMarketing Team wishes you loads of success with your inCMS website!

We'll support you

...with video tutorials

On the welcome page in inCMS - the tab "Dashboard" - you'll find a link to the video tutorials. Watch these to learn how to use inCMS.


..with a manual

The most important features are described in our "Quickstart Manual", which you can access from the qelcome page as well. It's formatted nicely if you wish to print it out.


...with a «Members only» Facebook Group

Here inCMS users can share their experiences together - from the beginners to the experts! Learn from others, ask questions, discuss difficulties and collect ideas. Request access to the Facebook Group


...with a support team

And if you still can't figure something out, you can contact us any time via our Helpdesk. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket